The science of how high winds affect today’s homes

The science of how high winds affect today’s homes is big news. Whether its hurricanes or tornadoes there are few locations that are unaffected by some sort of natural phenomena. In the coastal communities of North Carolina, building codes were enacted over ten years ago to counteract the forces of nature when it comes to high winds. Today’s building codes are much
different from what they were just 15 years ago when there was little consideration given for “up lift”.

This is the force exerted by the wind moving in an upward motion and exerting pressure in a direction not previously accounted for. This is the force responsible for the majority of the damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes and responsible for roofs blowing off of homes allowing the rain to further damage the inside.

The Today Show on NBC recently aired video depicting a manufactured home being subjected to high winds and what happens when an attached porch roof is not properly constructed to counteract these forces. Not only does the car port blow away but it carries the roof of the home with it. While it is close to impossible to cover all scenarios a home built under the current code is
required to provide protection not considered just 15 years ago. There are roughly fifteen inspections during the building process on a typical new home performed by local governmental inspectors to ensure safety. So, when you purchase a new home not only are you getting a new heating and air conditioning system and shiny new finishes, but thanks to new building codes you are getting a home that is safer than ever before.

Article From The Today Show

Award Winning Homes at Mariners Pointe!

Construction of our first four homes is underway at the Cottages at Mariners Pointe and we are excited to announce the models include our Parade of Homes Award Winning St. Martin as well as The Joshua, The Sterling, and The St. Croix.

(St. Martin, The Sterling, St. Croix, The Joshua)

In total Southern Homebuilders is offering six different models in Mariners Pointe, starting at $139,900. The final two models are the St. George (Parade of Homes 2013 Silver Medal Winner) and The St. Thomas (Parade of Homes 2014 Gold Medal Winner).  That is three Parade of Home Award Winning models in one great neighborhood!

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Mariners Pointe - Area Map
Mariners Pointe – Area Map

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